If you’re like most of our customers, there is a small, dank, dark room somewhere in your building filled with old networking gear. These equipment graveyards are where old switches and routers that are deemed no longer useful go to await their final destiny.

While many people take advantage of Summit’s buy back program to recoup part of their investment, some equipment is too old or broken and can’t be put back into a working environment.

Responsibly disposing of and recycling your old equipment is the best route to take, but if you’re looking for a more creative approach to emptying out your gear graveyard, here are 25 creative ways to use old networking gear.

  1. Boat Anchor
    Larger switches and routers can make excellent anchors especially when the interior is filled with concrete.

  2. Movie Props
    Indie filmmakers are always looking for cheap ways to make sets look techie.
  3. Building Material
    Beef up your subfloors, foundations and walls with retired switches.
  4. Kids Toys
    Networking gear makes a cool addition to children’s forts and play space ships.

  5. Cannibalize
    Sometimes power supplies, memory, ports and other parts can be removed and used to repair other equipment.
  6. Monitor Stand
    Use several 1U rack-mount switches to get your screen at the perfect height.
  7. Scrap It
    Some gear contains precious metals and other valuable materials that can be reclaimed and sold.

  8. Anger Management
    Smashing up old gear can be a great stress reliever – just make sure to responsibly recycle the carnage.
  9. Furniture
    Build chairs, couches and end tables with your old routers.
  10. Practical Jokes
    Sabotage an old router and ask the new guy to troubleshoot it.
  11. Museum
    Create your own small museum display of technology from the past.

  12. Ballast
    Fill your truck with heavy routers for better traction in winter driving.
  13. Art
    Circuit boards and other components can be used in art projects.
  14. Fun and Games
    Challenge coworkers to see who can plug in all the ethernet ports the fastest.
  15. Workout Equipment
    Deadlift or squat heavy routers to build muscles.
  16. Decor
    Add some futuristic flair to your office or home decor with old switch parts.

  17. White Noise
    Why spend money on an expensive white noise machine when cooling fans can do the same job?
  18. Fort
    Build a cool fort with large router housings.
  19. Time Capsule
    Bury an old switch to show future generations how backwards our technology was.
  20. Planters
    A large router case can make an excellent planter.
  21. Casket
    Metal cases from old gear can make great sturdy caskets for small family pets when their time is up.
  22. Hiding Spot
    Hollowed out networking gear makes a great hiding spot for keys, money or other valuables.
  23. Gag Gift
    An old wireless router in a Playstation box makes a great white elephant gift.

  24. Bed Warmer
    A few routers running under the sheets will create a toasty warm bed.
  25. Shelves
    Some simple mounting hardware turns rack-mount equipment into cool shelving.