The Summit Process

Over the last 25 years Summit has used a specific process to help our customers save time, money, make their jobs easier, and get the most out of their IT budget.

Our Refurbishing Process

When the product arrives at our warehouse we examine it for cosmetic problems: missing parts power cords, mounting hardware, etc. We examine it for scratches, dents and other cosmetic problems, we also match the exact color from the manufacturer and paint the unit. If the equipment has cosmetic problems we will either fix those or return the equipment and not use it at all. Then, once it’s accepted through receiving we move it into our testing lab.

During our refurbishing process we test each port to make sure data and power are passing through the board and we return the OS to the factory default configuration. It’s very important to us that we prepare the switch, the router, and other equipment so that the customer is ready to put into their network right away.

Part of our refurbishing processes is to make sure that all the auxiliary pieces and components of equipment necessary for optimal performance are intact and packaged with the equipment. Our primary concern is to make sure that everything the customer needs is in the box upon arrival.

We take our shipping process very seriously. We use protective packaging to make sure the unit and components are 100% secure and ship according to UPS and FedEx specs.

We hear from our customers very often that we’re easy to do business with. It makes us very happy because one of our core values is an ethic of customer-centric service. When a customer calls Summit, there’s always a real person that answers the phone, we strongly believe in person to person connections. We don’t have a phone system or automated service answering calls. Our customers know and frequently tell us that what makes us unique is our level of care. Summit cares, and we care most about our customers.