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5 Reasons Employees Leave (And How to Keep Them!)

The infographics have been doing their rounds, announcing the top 5-10 reasons why employees leave a company. While this information is valuable, they don’t explain WHY employees feel strongly about these reasons, or HOW to prevent them from feeling like leaving is the only option. Lets tackle 5 of the reasons employees leave, the “why” […]

The Top 5 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Hardware

New or refurbished? That is the question. The decision to buy refurbished vs. new hardware is a common dilemma for CFO’s, COO’s, CTO’s  and all other decision-makers. This decision affects multiple resources and departments within your company, and factors like time, money, logistics, and project lag time all must be considered. It’s not always easy to […]

Turn Your Company Into an Employee Magnet

Google is the #1 place to work according to Forbes, and is not surprisingly receiving upwards of 20,000 resumes per week. That’s 2 resumes per minute! With recruitment perks like iPhones and free food, these numbers aren’t very surprising. Unless you are a hot tech company producing annual revenues in the billions, the chances are you don’t […]

Do Low Prices Build Customer Loyalty?

We all remember our first time working in sales. The training seemed like a blur with the increasing anticipation of making the first contact with a potential client. In my first interaction with a prospect, I managed a realistic smile and making eye contact. I thought things were going well until he asked “How much does this […]

The Company that Lawn Bowls Together…

Stays together. Company culture has been a hot topic in the recent business world. Companies are attempting to create a culture that attracts employees by ordering pizzas or hosting meetings around a pool table. While these aren’t wrong, this is just one segment of what creates company culture. A healthy company culture is a place […]

Why Should You Have A Spare Switch on Hand?

Buying new switches is a necessary part of staying up to date and keeping your network up and running seamlessly. As budgeting concerns remain top of mind, have you ever considered keeping a spare switch on hand? By keeping a switch on-hand, the switch can be purchased in tandem with other items to save on […]

Cisco 3650 vs 3850, Which Is Right for You?

Cisco continues to increase their selection of switches. If you’ve ever tried to compare two switches you know, it’s a lot of work and digging through datasheets can make your eyes glaze over. Here is a user-friendly breakdown of what you are comparing, to help pick the right piece of equipment for your needs. 3650 […]

Egg-stravaganza 2015 !

At Summit we enjoy an egg-cuse to have fun together! A company scavenger hunt took place with a few “road blocks” along the way! Everyone was divided into teams of three, with a list of clues. Each team had to  decipher clues to locations throughout our newly remodeled office and warehouse, to locate candy hidden […]

Tradeshow – Brainstorm 2015

Our first trade show for 2015 was BrainStorm2015! We had a great time. If you were at the event, you had the chance to talk to Jim, Melissa or Brad! The event was held in the Kalahari Convention Center in the Wisconsin Dells, WI. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, we enjoyed […]