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Virtualization vs The Cloud

Both Virtualization and the Cloud have become popular choices for businesses looking to expand their computing power on a budget. We dig deep into each approach to determine how to take advantage of the benefits and help you choose which is best for your business. Definitions Before we jump into the details and benefits, let’s […]

Comparing HPE ProLiant Server Generations

The ProLiant Servers from Hewlett Packard Enterprises have become some of the most used servers in the world. They’re known for being reliable and scalable, making them an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes. HP Enterprises began producing the ProLiant Server Gen 8 in 2012. Two years later, Gen 9 was released. In late […]

How to Calculate Your IT Training Budget

Training your staff makes sure they’re prepared for the job at hand and it reduces turnover by creating happier employees. Companies that invest in their employees through training and education make their staff feel important and valuable. Finding the budget for training can be a challenge. Training budgets can be the first hit during budget […]

The State of IT Employment 2019: Free Ebook

This informational resource is Summit’s annual guide to the IT industry. Filled with insights and national data from well-known data collectors, our free employment ebook covers a wide range of essential topics relevant to IT pros.

What You Need to Know About Network Auditing

Regularly auditing or assessing your network can help you keep track of inventory and determine how well your network is working. A network audit will comprehensively review your network, network devices and other equipment (servers, desktop computers, firewalls, etc.) for the following things: Hardware Inventory Software Inventory Security Vulnerabilities Patch Management Compliance If your business […]

Why 4G Is the Best Backup for Your WAN

Despite your best intentions, your WAN can go down. Natural disasters, technical failures, or a cut fiber optic cable can bring your business to a screeching halt. But it doesn’t have to be that way. If you build in a backup network, even in the worst of situations, your business will keep operating as normal. […]

400G Networking: What You Need to Know

Move over 100G, 400G is here! Just as we’ve become accustomed to (or are still waiting for) the power of 100G or 200G, vendors began premiering 400G capabilities and networking equipment last year. Our insatiable hunger for bandwidth has led us to constantly push for more to power our video and on-demand consumption. The rise […]

Best Ways to Avoid IP Fragmentation

IP fragmentation occurs when packets are broken up into smaller pieces (fragments) so they can pass through a link at a smaller maximum transmission unit (MTU) than the original (larger) packet size. The fragments are then put back together by the host receiving them, or destination host. IP fragmentation can cause problems when fragments are […]

Switch Configuration and Security

When configuring switches, it’s helpful to have a guide that can walk you through the basics. Security is also important, and switches can be configured to be an effective part of your network security. In this post, we’ll cover switch basics as well as some ways to incorporate security in your switch setup. Switch Basics […]

Rack Organization Best Practices

Planning and setting up server racks and maintaining them can be a tedious part of an IT professional’s engineer’s job. If you’ve ever accidentally knocked out power to a rack when trying to maintain it, had to dig through a messy tangle of cables or had to climb over things in your way to access […]