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Tech Industry Environmental Impact

When you think of the tech industry, you may think about ever-increasing efficiency, faster speeds and shrinking chip sizes, but there is a dark side to the advances. Also known as Moore’s law, the exponential doubling of the power of computer chips has led to an increase in electronic waste. However, physical waste is only […]

Grey Market Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

You may have come across advice in the IT industry, stoking fear that not buying through traditional Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) would somehow endanger your business. That used or refurbished equipment may be counterfeit, that used equipment is more expensive or comes without warranties or even that it’s illegal to buy used or refurbished equipment. […]

Choosing the Right Firewall

Your firewall protects your internal network from the public internet. It is the first line of defense to stop intrusions and malicious attacks from entering your network. The manufacturer of the firewall hardware provides definition files. The firewall scans the network using these definition files, which provide patterns for normal network traffic. By comparing the […]

Tariffs and Technology

If you’ve read the news recently, then you’re aware that the tariffs on Chinese merchandise have been raised again — in fact, they’ve more than doubled. As we discussed in our blog post on price increases, tariffs can play a significant role in the increasing prices of essential networking equipment. Tariffs and Trade Wars Major […]

How Summit Reduces Tech Waste

Waste from technology, known as e-waste, can be especially toxic and, as people are getting new cell phones every other year, it’s becoming a real problem. However, by recycling and refurbishing old technology instead of throwing it away or buying used equipment instead of new, you can be part of the solution. Why Go Green? […]

Vulnerability Scanning 101

Protecting your network is an essential part of network maintenance. One of the ways you can keep your network safe is by performing regular vulnerability scans. A vulnerability scan is an assessment that checks for vulnerabilities, or weak spots, in your computer, server, network, or infrastructure. How Does it Work? One of the most common […]

What You Need to Know About Edge Router Configuration

Your network edge is what connects your network to the internet, allows remote employees to VPN in, and can connect your campus to other branches of your enterprise. Because the network edge is quite literally the edge of your network, it can be vulnerable to outside attacks. One connection between your network and the internet […]

Is Cisco StackWise the Right Virtualization Technology for You

Recently, we’ve discussed the pros and cons of virtualization, how it compares to the cloud, and how to plan for it. In this post, we’ll explore Cisco’s StackWise Virtual technology; what it is, how it works, and whether it’s right for your enterprise. So, What Is It? The StackWise technology has been around for some […]

How to Create a Bulletproof Backup Strategy

In today’s digital business world, data is valuable and, in some cases, mission critical. As your business grows, the amount of data you’re processing increases as well. All indications point to explosive and exponential data growth in the coming years, thanks in part to the rise of video and Internet of Things. Developing a backup […]