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Self-taught or Classically Trained?

College is a waste of time. College is hard. College is a power scholarship. College is not for everyone. That’s what happens when you type “college is” in the Google search bar. As you can tell, there are quite a few opinions out there on the importance of going to postsecondary school, those of which […]

The Life of the Third Party Transceiver

The easiest way to conceptualize a transceiver is to imagine it being a pair of ears and a mouth, engineered and soldered together to form a small, mechanical part. Got it? Alright, well for the layman who couldn’t put that together—it goes by GBIC, mini GBIC, and SFP, and it’s the way your router, switch, […]

A Minnesota Job Opportunity – 5 Reasons to Work for Summit

The job market is competitive these days with 5.8 million job openings (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). However, 52.3% of Americans are unhappy with their work, according to a study by the Conference Board. Don’t fall under this pattern of feeling overwhelmed by the amount of opportunities, applying for all you can, and accidentally […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About Summit

Sure, you may know that Summit is a great resource for new and used networking equipment, but did you know about any of these other five facts? Number One – We Offer a Lifetime Warranty on our Cisco Equipment Most resellers offer 90 days to a year, but we are an elite reseller that only […]

4 Myths About the Open Market for Network Hardware

Is the open market like the black market? Is buying hardware through a third party illegal? Will I be buying counterfeit hardware if we don’t go directly through Cisco? There are quite a few rumors floating around the IT world related to network hardware. Some are misconstrued, intentionally or accidentally. There are other statements that just aren’t […]

Introducing Summit’s Brand New Lifetime Warranty

Today Summit Information Resources is pleased to announce that effective immediately – and also retroactively activated the warranty as of 1/1/16 – we are officially presenting our very own Cisco Lifetime Warranty! Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions. You can visit our new Lifetime Warranty page at

It’s 4:30pm – And Your Network Goes Down

This is the kind of situation every IT professional dreads. You are already beginning to check out for the day, ready to get home to see that new show you’ve been binge-watching on Netflix. And then, it happens. You get a call from a colleague, “Ummm…. My internet isn’t working.” What do you do first? […]

Summit Makes “2016 100 Best Companies to Work For” List

For the third year in a row, Summit is incredibly honored to have made the “2016 100 Best Companies to Work For” List for Minnesota Business! Thank you to our amazing team for nominating us… And for being so wonderful to work with. YOU are the reason our company is great. If you or someone […]

3 Reasons Why Becoming a Network Admin is a Great Idea

Have you been technologically-inclined from an early age? Did your parents take notice of your affinity towards electronics and problem-solving? If this sounds like you, you may have what it takes to be a Network Admin. The skills needed to be successful in this role aren’t necessarily something that can be taught… It takes a […]

The One and Only – Jim

If you haven’t had the pleasure of chatting with Jim Herbst yet, I sincerely apologize. Jim is an incredibly intelligent colleague, with a wealth of knowledge in a myriad of topics. One moment he is telling delightful stories about how he is creating his own wine label, and the next he is drawing a detailed diagram of […]