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What to Consider When Choosing a Colocation Facility

Many businesses are looking for ways to get the most out of their IT infrastructure. The need for an always available and always on environment may create a need that the physical location of the business isn’t able to handle. This leads to looking for a colocation facility. If you’re not familiar with the term, […]

Technology Job Red Flags

If you’re actively seeking a new IT position or considering starting a job search, know that now is a good time for it. It’s a job seeker’s market, with companies reporting a competitive hiring environment that has many of them planning to offer extra perks and better pay to attract the best talent. As you’re […]

Prioritizing Network Traffic

Knowing how to prioritize and keep network traffic running smoothly for everyone is an important responsibility as a network administrator. There are several things you can do to prioritize network traffic: Reserve Bandwidth for Business-critical Applications Slow Non-essential Traffic Manage Latency Schedule Network Intensive Processes Traffic Shaping Because network bandwidth is limited, it needs to […]

8th Annual Summit Lawn Bowling Tournament

Here at Summit Information Resources we pride ourselves on being “Customer Champions,” however once a year we kick off our shoes and take to the grass to become a different kind of Champion… Lawn Bowling Champion.     Of course, we’re talking about the Annual Summit Lawn Bowling Tournament. This year 8 teams braved the […]

Summit’s Guide to Storage: Free Ebook

Summit’s Guide to Storage is a comprehensive guide to storage technologies and strategies. Filled with technical data, storage management strategies and tips, our free ebook covers a wide range of storage topics relevant to IT pros. Sections include: Determining your storage needs Migrating and managing storage Choosing the right storage system RAID levels and systems […]

Product Comparison: Cisco 2960S, 2960X, and 2960XR

It’s been a few years since Cisco announced the end-of-sale and end-of-life for their 2960S switches. Much of the routine maintenance and support for the product has already been phased out, and by the fall of 2020, the 2960S will be considered obsolete. As you prepare for this inevitability, you may naturally be looking to […]

Cloud Security – 7 Things You Should Know

Securing the data in your public, private or hybrid cloud environment is important. While your CSP will handle the security of their data centers, server hardware and virtual machines, as well as offer an array of security services and tools, there are security measures that your IT team is responsible for as well. If your […]

Cloud Architecture – What You Need to Know

If your business is interested in the cloud, there are new types of architecture to consider and incorporate into your existing enterprise architecture. Here are the three main types of cloud architecture: Private Cloud By incorporating a private cloud (also known as internal or enterprise cloud) into your enterprise architecture, you gain the ability to […]

Network Maintenance – 7 Things to Do Annually

Keeping your enterprise network running smoothly is a full-time job with many things to maintain and monitor regularly. While doing that regular maintenance, it can be easy to delay in-depth maintenance until something goes wrong. However, by performing a few key maintenance tasks at least once a year, you can save yourself a headache down […]