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I’m in IT… What Certifications Should I Get? [Infographic]

If you’re in IT, you’ve probably asked yourself at one point, what certifications should I get? Do I want to pursue more education? Since one of our main goals is to help IT professionals advance their careers with the most relevant IT certifications, we were curious ourselves to see what our audiences thought. We asked 200+ IT […]

How To Create a Work Environment Where IT Workers Thrive

Have you taken a look at the results of Summit’s most recent survey results of IT workers? We asked over 1,000 respondents about their roles in the workplace and biggest pain points on the job. Representing various job titles and levels in their organizations, a significant number of respondents identified their top pain points as […]

Strategies for Dealing With Malware

It may be a little premature to determine whether 2018 will be a better or worse year than the last in the world of cybersecurity. Regardless of the trends, we can be confident that viruses, ransomware, and other types of malware will continue to be a major threat to all types of businesses. Protecting your […]

Don’t Shoot the Messenger: Tips for Managing Mail Servers

For the average end user, email is the heart of day-to-day business, and easy to take for granted. Your average systems administrator, though, has to put a little more thought into it. A common question is whether managing your own mail servers in-house is best for your business, or whether you should go with a […]

Seven Ways To Support Your Support Staff

IT support teams have a tough job. Fielding calls from frustrated, angry, stressed clients every day isn’t a career just anyone signs up for. A well-running support team can be a huge asset to your company, though, whether they’re supporting your internal team or your customers. Internal support teams keep your business running smoothly and […]

Detecting and Solving Network Bottlenecks

User complaints about network latency have begun to pile up, and you need to figure out where the bottlenecks are, quickly. To help get you pointed in the most likely direction, today we outline some top causes of network bottlenecks and how they can be addressed. Do some investigating to see if any of these […]

The Value of Great Service (Ebook)

Service is easy to overlook in a price-driven world. However, our workplace survey results found that two-thirds of IT professionals voted “ease of doing business” as a most important factor when working with a vendor. So while product quality, features and price are important, it is equally important to examine the level of service you’re receiving […]

5 Things To Consider When Picking A Cloud Vendor

Are you choosing between cloud vendors, but not sure where to start to make your decision? Take a look at this short checklist to ensure your potential selections can perform satisfactorily on all five points. Whether you’re seeking the right provider for storage, applications, or testing, these are key considerations for evaluating your top cloud […]

Blazing Fast Storage – An NVMe Drive Primer

If you’ve made any storage upgrades lately, you’ve probably found yourself asking whether solid state drives (SSDs) or hard disk drives (HDDs) are your better choice. As we’ve written in a previous post, there is often a business case for using both. Even more recently, a new player has entered the arena – SSDs known […]