Summit’s Guide to Purchasing Refurbished IT Equipment

Your company relies on the stability, security and performance of the IT equipment that helps power it. From networking equipment to servers, storage, and more, how do you ensure you’re getting quality hardware at great prices? Here’s how:  Difference Between Used and Refurbished IT Equipment  When you think of refurbished IT equipment, what is the […]

The World of Summit

At Summit, we strive to be a complete solution for all your IT needs. But how do we do it? Here’s a rundown of all the products and services we offer.

Tech Industry Environmental Impact

When you think of the tech industry, you may think about ever-increasing efficiency, faster speeds and shrinking chip sizes, but there is a dark side to the advances. Also known as Moore’s law, the exponential doubling of the power of computer chips has led to an increase in electronic waste. However, physical waste is only […]

How Summit Reduces Tech Waste

Waste from technology, known as e-waste, can be especially toxic and, as people are getting new cell phones every other year, it’s becoming a real problem. However, by recycling and refurbishing old technology instead of throwing it away or buying used equipment instead of new, you can be part of the solution. Why Go Green? […]

8th Annual Summit Lawn Bowling Tournament

Here at Summit Information Resources we pride ourselves on being “Customer Champions,” however once a year we kick off our shoes and take to the grass to become a different kind of Champion… Lawn Bowling Champion.     Of course, we’re talking about the Annual Summit Lawn Bowling Tournament. This year 8 teams braved the […]

The Value of Great Service (Ebook)

Service is easy to overlook in a price-driven world. However, our workplace survey results found that two-thirds of IT professionals voted “ease of doing business” as a most important factor when working with a vendor. So while product quality, features and price are important, it is equally important to examine the level of service you’re receiving […]

All About E-rate

With technology rapidly changing, the Schools and Libraries Program (also known as E-rate) is a hot topic for schools lately. We know you probably have a good idea about what the program is all about, but here’s a quick overview: According to the U.S. Department of Education, the E-rate Program provides discounts of up to […]

Top 5 Summit Blog Posts of 2017

The past year, Summit covered a lot of content relevant to the ever-expanding tech industry. We took a look at what our audience found most compelling and have compiled the five most-read tech blog posts of 2017. Check them out: 1. Cisco 3650 vs 3850 Our number one most-read post of 2017 is none other […]