Summit Reviews: Cisco Wireless Access Points

Looking for information you can trust on Cisco Access Points that support wireless AC? Our Summit Reviews series can help you get the information you need to make the right decision for your organization’s needs. In this post and the accompanying video review, we will be comparing the Cisco Aironet 1700, 2700, and 3700 Series […]

Summit Reviews: Cisco ISR Routers

Cisco is a respected name in the technology device space, creating products that fill server rooms and data centers across the globe. Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) allow Cisco to serve the small business market, which has increasingly begun relying on cloud services for their application and file storage needs. With its ISRs, Cisco helps network […]

The Cisco 4000 Series Integrated Services Router

Cisco’s 4000 Series Integrated Services Router (ISR) is a powerful engine for your network. This line of next-generation networking hardware made a big splash at its unveiling a few years back, and many in the industry have watched it with interest. The dust has settled, and the ISR’s reputation remains. This is a top-tier machine. […]

Best Wireless Access Points

You won’t get far in today’s business world without reliable wireless access. Online connectedness enables many modern professional tasks, and lost service can lead to countless losses in productivity, communication, and basic record keeping. With wireless service, there’s really no “pretty good.” It either works perfectly or it’s unacceptable. When shopping for wireless access points […]

Best VoIP Phones for Businesses

Among the endless headlines about wondrous self-driving cars, terrifying physics-based hacking innovations, and entertaining smartphone apps, it’s easy to forget about the simple telephone. The telephone may not get a great deal of spotlight time, but it plays key communications roles. The VoIP phone, in particular, remains an essential component of most organizations. VoIP phones […]

Catalyst 3850 Wireless Mode vs. Cisco 5508 Wireless LAN Controller

Cisco’s Catalyst 3850 Switch series arrived with a good deal of deserved fanfare a few years back. Its all-in-one design make it a top-tier choice for networking professionals looking to unify their wired and wireless networks. A versatile beast, the 3850 is able to function as both a switch and a wireless controller. So where […]

Cisco 3650 vs 3850, Which Is Right for You?

Cisco continues to increase their selection of switches. If you’ve ever tried to compare two switches you know, it’s a lot of work and digging through datasheets can make your eyes glaze over. Here is a user-friendly breakdown of what you are comparing, to help pick the right piece of equipment for your needs. 3650 […]