Biggest Stories in Networking of 2016

What will 2017 hold in store for the world of IT? Well, some say the biggest predictor of the future is a quick look at the past. That’s why we’ve recapped some of the biggest IT and network stories from 2016 and wrapped it all up with a few prognostications for the New Year. Cyber […]

What Do Tech Layoffs Mean For Me?

With major companies like Cisco, Hewlett Packard, and even Intel cutting jobs and restructuring their existing workforce as a result of the consumer move to cloud-computing continues, it begs the question — how will all of this affect consumers and businesses looking for solutions and service from these companies.

What to do When Your Network Slows Down Because of STREAMING!!!

Streaming is everywhere. Once the ultimate symbol of the household, the television has beamed its way from the confines of the living room and into the busy hands of commuters, students, and professionals everywhere. What once served as an after-work wind-down aide has become, to many employers, an on-the-clock distraction. On the other hand, some […]

Why the Big Guys Aren’t Always the Best Deal

When shopping for a hardware partner, it can be tempting to simply go with whichever company is the biggest. You figure you can save some time by picking the quickest, most obvious option. It’s a little like choosing a place for lunch. The fast food joint around the corner is an easy pick, and besides, […]

Do Whatever it Takes

The 2016 Olympics in Rio is one of the most anticipated events of the summer. Billions of people the world over will be cheering on their countrymen, countrywomen and other favorite athletes to the hope of an everlasting glory. After reading a number of articles about the games (I am not including the negative stories), […]

Out with the old, in with the new.

The 7900 Cisco series has been at the forefront of business communication for quite some time now, but it appears that’s about to change. While this is yet to be set in stone, or digital information—the more recent 8800 series is an indication that a new series of VoIP communications will be an industry standard. […]

4 Myths About the Open Market for Network Hardware

Is the open market like the black market? Is buying hardware through a third party illegal? Will I be buying counterfeit hardware if we don’t go directly through Cisco? There are quite a few rumors floating around the IT world related to network hardware. Some are misconstrued, intentionally or accidentally. There are other statements that just aren’t […]

Summit Makes “2016 100 Best Companies to Work For” List

For the third year in a row, Summit is incredibly honored to have made the “2016 100 Best Companies to Work For” List for Minnesota Business! Thank you to our amazing team for nominating us… And for being so wonderful to work with. YOU are the reason our company is great. If you or someone […]

Switches: Layer 2 vs. Layer 3

Has anyone ever asked you about the difference between layer 2 and layer 3 switches? Read on, because we are breaking it down into an easy to understand explanation. Imagine your network is a gated community. The gate is the firewall, the router is the postmaster/cartographer, and the switch is a stoplight. There is the […]

The Summit Team Loves Volunteering

An amazing day at Feed My Starving Children. In just 2 hours, we packed 185 boxes, feeding 110 children for a year! Rewarding, and a great experience. For more information on FMSC locations you can volunteer at, go to: