Information Technology jobs are among the fastest growing in the country. That trend is not slowing down anytime soon and we’re excited about that.

Being in the IT industry means constantly being open to technological changes and advancements. This makes IT an exciting industry, but with this fast-pace comes challenge and high skill requirements. There are an incredible amount of core technology jobs out there, and more and more seem to be popping up as the industry expands.

If you’re seeking an IT job, know that competition is high, but so is demand. The rise of remote work has also changed the environment of the IT employee pool. Many of these positions are being filled by those not even in the geographical area of the company.

With the high skill requirements, ever-changing environment, and competition in mind, here are some of the top growing positions in IT.

Security Engineer or Developer

With security breaches and identity theft increasing, it’s no surprise that the role of security in tech has gained popularity and frankly, necessity. So far this year, there have been over one thousand breaches and millions of records exposed. This position is coveted particularly in the banking and healthcare industries where records are especially sensitive. A successful security engineer will have high technical skills as they are responsible for developing security measures and responding to threats in emergency security situations. The median salary for this position according to PayScale is $74,794 and growing.

Machine Learning Engineer

The role of machine learning is growing extremely fast and is expected to have high long-term growth as well. This is because as the digital world grows, the need for detailed research grows with it. In order to stay ahead of the steep curve that is the digital age, tech companies rely on these engineers to perform data ETL, statistical, and analytical analyses. In the most laymen of terms, this position looks for ways to improve data across the board. With an average median salary of $111,365, this IT position isn’t going away anytime soon.

Software Developer or Engineer

Software developers are currently among the top 10 fastest growing jobs in the US. These creatives are particularly in demand due to the increase in popularity of mobile applications and SaaS in the last few years. A developer salary ranges, but the current median salary is roughly $83,300 depending on position.

Evolution of IT Jobs

Network Engineer or Analyst

The importance of this position in the future can’t be overstated, a network engineer is essentially responsible for the overall design of a network. This includes implementation, capability, integrity, among other incredibly detailed obligations.

A network engineer requires meticulous attention to detail as they’re also the main touch point for managing client expectations and implementing new technologies. Needless to say, this position has to adhere to incredibly strict standards and network protocols, which, not to our surprise, are constantly subject to change. Median salary being over $85,000, and a high importance as IT grows, anyone in this position should be adaptable and up for a challenge.

While it’s evident that IT jobs are on the rise, it’s important to consider what these positions require and how they will evolve. Technology is an ever-changing environment, so whether you’re a job-seeker or an employee-seeker, keep in mind that these positions won’t always be what they are now. They’re all likely to ebb, flow, and ultimately become something bigger. Just as IT has become something bigger than we could have fathomed even a few years ago.