The past year, Summit covered a lot of content relevant to the ever-expanding tech industry. We took a look at what our audience found most compelling and have compiled the five most-read tech blog posts of 2017. Check them out:

1. Cisco 3650 vs 3850


Our number one most-read post of 2017 is none other than our comparison of these two popular Cisco switches. Our simple, easy-to-read breakdown of the similarities and differences between the 3650 and 3850 will help you decide which piece of equipment is right for your network.

2. Survey Results: 1,000+ IT Professionals on Their Workplace Experience

coworkers working together in teamwork at a tech company

To celebrate Summit’s 25th anniversary, we sent out a workplace-related survey and gathered more than 1,000 responses from IT professionals all over the country. Check out infographics containing IT pros’ job roles, vendor needs and biggest pain points.

3. How to Become a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)


Getting CCNA certified is a very popular and sought-after way to improve IT careers. Certification can mean higher pay, better hours and ultimately, more opportunities. We cover all the details on how to obtain it in this post.

4. Tools of the Trade – Useful Hardware and Software Tools for Network Managers

IT hardware toolbox sitting on computer

For IT professionals, it is crucial to have the right hardware and software tools at your disposalyour network depends on it! Check out our comprehensive list of tools to keep your network running at optimum performance.

5. 5 Simple Ways to Improve Team Communication

Employees working together

Out of 1,000 IT pros surveyed, 25% listed lack of team communication as one of their biggest pain points at work. Implementing these five simple tips can help improve the way your team communicates and make meetings much more efficient.