When shopping for a hardware partner, it can be tempting to simply go with whichever company is the biggest. You figure you can save some time by picking the quickest, most obvious option. It’s a little like choosing a place for lunch. The fast food joint around the corner is an easy pick, and besides, they wouldn’t have become so big if they weren’t great, right?
Well, not exactly. Big box hardware resellers might offer an easy first choice, but they often suffer from some big shortcomings. Here are a few of them.

Impersonal Relationships

Big box resellers don’t know you or your company. You could spend thousands of dollars with one of these faceless companies, year after year, and after all that money spent, they’d know as much about you as does the telemarketer who phones during supper to offer you a better cable plan. It’s impersonal.

Long Quoting Times

These companies move slowly. Very slowly. No decision is simple when it’s in the hands of a dozen people in three different departments, each with their own agenda. Speedy feedback is crucial for effective business. With a small, agile company, you can get your quotes quickly and with minimal rigmarole.

Policy-Driven Decisions

In order to keep control, these businesses focus on broad-scale policies that prevent employees from making situation-specific decisions. It won’t be that the person to whom you appeal for help is unwilling to do what it takes to meet your business’s needs, it’ll be that some vague policy prevents them from taking care of your problem.

Leaner companies, like Summit, are able to cut through red tape in order to find the appropriate solution without a lot of fuss.

Big Profits, Not Big Savings!

These big box resellers didn’t earn their billions by dishing out help to their friends and loyal customers, and they’re not about to start. With a smaller partner, you’ll get that personal touch.

The Big Picture

In the end, a big box reseller’s first priority isn’t to help your business. Their priority is to help themselves first and foremost. Take the time to do some research on smaller competitors. When you partner with a smaller group, you’ll get personalized service, build lasting relationships, and have the flexibility to craft the best possible deals for your company.