The job market is competitive these days with 5.8 million job openings (according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics). However, 52.3% of Americans are unhappy with their work, according to a study by the Conference Board. Don’t fall under this pattern of feeling overwhelmed by the amount of opportunities, applying for all you can, and accidentally picking a job you soon want to quit.

We believe our employees fall into the 47.7% of people who are content with what they do. The video below features why this is and might convince you to apply for a job at Summit.

1. Growth opportunity:

Dick Noble, our president, points out how Summit is growing in numbers. We have 25 employees currently, but are always looking for good people to add to our team.

2. Ability to help others:

One of our newest employees is featured in the video and she discusses how happy she is working for Summit. First she notes it feels good to be there for customers –”it’s been really rewarding so far.” She loves making sure their needs are met. A second employee expresses he knows his number one need in a career is met: he believes in the product they are selling.

3. Helpful coworkers:

The first employee addresses how much she loves the atmosphere at Summit; coworkers are “always willing to help.” The second expresses how one of the best parts of his job is the people he gets to work with. They go out into Minneapolis together and hang out outside of work.

4. Comfortable lifestyle:

The video also highlights how Summit employees can create a good lifestyle for themselves and make a nice living.

5. Engaging work:

Employees can also feel fulfilled at work as they are kept on their feet. They “learn something every day” as “every day is a new day.”