Is the open market like the black market? Is buying hardware through a third party illegal? Will I be buying counterfeit hardware if we don’t go directly through Cisco?

There are quite a few rumors floating around the IT world related to network hardware. Some are misconstrued, intentionally or accidentally. There are other statements that just aren’t true. It can be incredibly difficult to determine up from down when navigating the channels from which you can purchase network hardware.

To clear things up, we’re covering some false information so you can make the best decision for your IT department. Check out the top 4 myths about the safety of the network hardware open market, and see the truth for yourself:

MYTH #1: Buying from non-certified channels is illegal.

TRUTH: Non-partner channels do not get the equipment by fraudulent or illegal means. There are no copyright or patent laws being broken.

There are many successful, publicly viewed companies that resell equipment without being a channel partner. If it was illegal, these companies wouldn’t be able to openly sell on the market. So, it is NOT illegal to purchase networking hardware from non-certified channels!

MYTH #2: Buying from an open market reseller = counterfeit.

TRUTH: One does not equal the other. In fact, there is an organization that is committed to preventing this from happening.

UNEDA is the organization that regulates and promotes high industry standards for third-party resellers. We are proud to be UNEDA members! Resellers who are UNEDA members are committed to upholding a level of excellence with their hardware, ensuring that you will not run into problems with counterfeit hardware. Learn more about the processes we use to detect and prevent counterfeit.

MYTH #3: The open market is basically the black market.

TRUTH: It’s not. Even the term “gray market” is not right. It is Summit’s belief that the term “gray market” was created by manufacturers to create FUD – Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.

These major manufacturers prefer to keep sales in their own, direct channels. Ultimately, they use FUD to drive their efforts to prevent you from buying from reputable resellers like Summit. Our company handles our business in a legal, above-reproach manner. We are committed to our core values and ethics, which include integrity. We have never and will never engage in any deal that is illegal. Take our 25 years of business as proof.

MYTH #4: Third party resellers don’t have warranties and cost more for repairs.

TRUTH: Many third party resellers offer limited warranties, with some offering lifetime warranties (like our company) and/or branded maintenance.

Our Peak Select Lifetime Warranty covers our customers and is perfect for all Cisco purchases. The response since launching it has been overwhelming, and the reasons to work with Summit continue to grow.

Ultimately, these truths should help you to sort out the myths that travel through the IT industry. If you have any thoughts or questions, please shoot us a comment! We’d love to hear from you.

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