New or refurbished? That is the question.

The decision to buy refurbished vs. new hardware is a common dilemma for CFO’s, COO’s, CTO’s  and all other decision-makers. This decision affects multiple resources and departments within your company, and factors like time, money, logistics, and project lag time all must be considered. It’s not always easy to choose a solution, so we’re sharing 5 major reasons to go with refurbished hardware.

working with refurbished hardware

1. Save money

It seems obvious, but many companies do not understand the amount of money their department can save on hardware. For example, our company, Summit Information Resources, often sees a savings of 60-90% for our customers. Our team tests (and retests) all of our equipment in house. We also perform all of the refurbishing in-house, minimizing the overhead of outsourcing services.

2. You are in control

If you’ve been working in business for any amount of time, chances are you have experienced a company that won’t take no for an answer. One of the benefits of purchasing refurbished hardware is that you can customize the project, one part at a time… Or get a quote for system-wide project!

Unlike working directly with a manufacturing company, we are able to “peace meal” your projects based on your project needs. Our representatives are trained to meet your needs, identify potential areas for improvement, and respect the pace at which you want to purchase.

3. Time saver

Company-wide, do you use Dell? Cisco? HP? More than likely, you use 2-3 of these solutions along with other options for security and storage. If you wanted to upgrade each of these systems, it would require 3 separate phones calls, sales reps, emails, and quotes each with a wait time.

Surely there has to a more efficient use of time.

By choosing a hardware provider that offers multiple solutions, you can ask them questions about all of your different parts and systems. Upgrading is made more simple, not to mention the ease of dealing with a single representative.

4. Fast turnaround

When working with refurbished parts, there often is a surplus inventory, especially after a large asset recovery. This allows for a speedy turnaround and a quick delivery of parts and hardware.

5. Your rep knows your name

There is a reason the patrons of Cheers frequented the same dive-y bar each night. Establishing a business relationship and accountability is comforting in the middle of a busy workday. It is nice to have the same rep that is committed to your company and knows your history as well as your goals. This is not as likely to happen when working with a large manufacturer.

If lower costs, solid vendor relationships, and rapid response times are top priorities for you, then purchasing refurbished hardware might be the best solution. See how much time and money Summit can save you by requesting a quote.

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