Summit Team

At Summit, customer service is a given, and here’s who you’re working with.

The Summit team is filled with people that embody the Summit Core Values.  They are driven, have integrity, are versatile, customer centric and team players.  As a company, individuals work independently but are always working together!

Leadership Team

  • Dick's employee photo

    Dick Noble


  • Melissa Freeman

    Melissa Freeman

    Vice President

  • Elaine Webber

    Elaine Webber

    Director of Finance and Operations

  • Dan employee photo

    Dan Olson

    Director of Sales & Marketing

  • Paul

    Paul Hultman

    Broker/Dealer Sales & Purchasing

Team Members

  • Kelly

    Kelly Bach

    Sales Administrator & Logistics Coordinator

  • Mike Daugherty

    Account Manager

  • Bryanna Erickson

    Account Manager

  • Shannon employee photo

    Shannon Fogel

    Accounting Assistant

  • Jordan Gagne

    Associate Technician

  • Travis Haglund

    Travis Haglund

    Warehouse Associate

  • Jim Employee photo

    Jim Herbst

    Account Manager

  • Employee photo

    Grace Hiltner

    Account Manager

  • Marc employee photo

    Marc Johnson

    Sr. Account Manager

  • Kraig employee photo

    Kraig Kempton

    Sales Administrator

  • Cheryl employee photo

    Cheryl Kolz

    Sr. Account Manager

  • Brad's employee photo

    Brad Park

    Account Manager

  • Chris

    Chris Rosenthal

    Cisco/HP Technician (ATP)

  • Pete Steensgard

    Account Manager

  • Chue

    Chue Thao

    Cisco Technician (CCNA)

  • Jou Wang

    Joey Vang

    Warehouse Associate

  • Employee photo

    Michaela Wagner

    Account Manager

  • Sarah employee photo

    Sarah Williams

    Account Manager

  • Cheng

    Cheng Xiong

    Cisco Technician (CCNA)