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Equipment Maintenance


Quality Equipment and Maintenance Solutions

All of the refurbished equipment we sell is thoroughly tested and cleaned by highly trained Summit technicians and covered by our one year warranty. Our testing room and quality control process means you can always count on quality equipment from Summit Information Resources.


Another Choice in Maintenance

Summit has partnered with Akibia, Inc., to offer you an alternative to Cisco Smartnet.

24/7 Support for Cisco Switches and Routers
Akibia delivers best-in-class support for Cisco switches and routers. For the more than 80% of enterprises that run on Cisco equipment, this can extend and enhance the life of their networks. Akibia is known for flexibility in delivering support solutions. Their customers can customize support options based on system requirements, location, and the mission-critical nature of their systems.

Akibia Hardware Maintenance
Akibia provides 24/7 hardware maintenance for Cisco lower and mid-range systems, as well as for older high-end systems no longer supported by Cisco. Their services include global technical support, logistics and delivery, certified onsite labor support and hardware maintenance training. As a part of a customized support package, Akibia’s Remote Monitoring Service can also be included.

Akibia Software Knowledge (ASK)
Akibia can help you with software as well as hardware problems. Their technical advisory service assists in diagnosing and solving Cisco software issues.

Please contact your Summit Account Manager for more details.