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Growing Up Together – Choosing Vendors You Can Count On

When you think about the vendors your IT team works with, what comes to mind? Do you think positive thoughts about trusted partners who saved the day? Or do memories of frustrations and let-downs come up instead? Whether for products, services, or both, every IT organization relies on vendors to meet their tech needs. Choosing […]

6 Ways to Give Thanks to Your IT Provider

Thanksgiving is a time to show our appreciation for all the things we’re deeply grateful for: friends, family, turkey, and of course, football. But there is another group that could use some holiday love… A good IT provider will always be there for you. They are never too busy to help you, and unlike football […]

POLL: What Matters in a Tech Vendor?

All kinds of factors go into selecting your tech vendors. Based on our 25 years of service in the networking business, we’d like to share four of the things we believe the best tech vendors have in common, regardless of whether they are selling software, hardware, or services. And, we’d like to hear from you: […]

5 Simple Ways to Improve Team Communication

We can spend all day talking to our coworkers in the office, and everything might appear smooth on the surface. But have you ever wondered what your coworkers really think about the workplace? We surveyed more than 1,000 IT professionals all across the country, and the results were fascinating. For instance, 26% of respondents cite “lack of […]

10 Tech Items Under $25

Summit’s 25th anniversary is one of the many celebrations that will soon be taking place. With all of the buzz, we had to make sure that our holiday shopping wouldn’t fall behind. In honor of our quarter century birthday, here are 10 popular tech items for under $25. 1. Ktaxon 5mW 532nm Green Laser Pointer, […]

A Blast From the Past – 25 Years of Networking Technology

On Summit’s twenty-fifth anniversary, we found ourselves reminiscing about all the changes and advancements the industry has seen. It seems like just yesterday 100mb ethernet was the next big thing, and now it looks like a relic of the past. Take a walk down memory lane with us and enjoy this slideshow of networking technology […]

Why WAN Matters – Thinking Beyond your Network

These days, chances are good that a significant portion of your company’s network is not completely under your control. The explosion of software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud storage and remote workers means network managers have to think outside the LAN. A mix of LAN and WAN infrastructure has implications for multiple aspects of your business, including bandwidth […]

10 Signs That Your Router Is Haunted

Is your router deathly cold to the touch? Have your uplink cables all turned black? Do Cisco engineers refuse to be in the same room with your router? If any of these peculiar situations sound familiar, you may have a haunted router. Demons, poltergeists, evil spirits and succubi have all been known to occasionally possess […]

25 Years of Loving Our Jobs

In the quarter century that Summit has been in business, we’ve achieved a lot. Being voted Minnesota’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” five years in a row and making the Inc. 5000 were definitely shining moments. Above all else, what makes our company unique are the people who comprise the team. In honor of […]

Will Your Vendor Still Be Around?

Your company’s vendor relationships are vital to the health of your business. So if a vendor’s own financial health is subpar, it could have real consequences for you. If a vendor goes out of business, you may not be able to get service, updates or replacement parts that you need. Plus, you’ll have to spend […]