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Never Guess Again with Great Network Documentation

Great network documentation is a gift you give to your future self. When you need to troubleshoot an issue on your network, it will make your task faster and simpler. It will also help you keep on top of which components are due for upgrades. Proper documentation may take some time up front, but your […]

Tips for Network Engineering From A Distance

Remote administration is a reality for many in the networking field. This may be because you’ve taken a work-from-home position or because you work for a company with multiple locations spread across a large area. Remote administration can be a cost-saver for your company, and a more convenient way for you to get your job […]

25 Uses For Old Networking Gear

If you’re like most of our customers, there is a small, dank, dark room somewhere in your building filled with old networking gear. These equipment graveyards are where old switches and routers that are deemed no longer useful go to await their final destiny. While many people take advantage of Summit’s buy back program to […]

The Results Are In: The Go-To Manufacturers of 1,000+ IT Professionals

From our recent 25th anniversary survey results, we gathered valuable information from IT professionals about their workplace experience. We were also curious to see what manufacturers IT pros use for their networking, server and storage projects so we can continue to provide relevant service. Based on the 1,041 responses, here’s what we found: 1. Manufacturers […]

10 New Year’s Resolutions for IT Managers

With a new year comes new challenges, new opportunities, and exciting ideas for pushing your company’s IT department forward. However, even the best-laid plans sometimes hit road bumps. So here are ten suggestions for worthwhile IT New Year’s resolutions and some ways they might go awry. #1 – Roll Out Two Factor Authentication Company Wide […]

Get Better Network Security With Layering

Security layering just makes sense, doesn’t it? When you want to protect something valuable, you don’t use only one method to do it. Just as a bank has multiple layers of defense between the street and its cash – a security guard at the door, bullet-proof glass between the teller and the floor, an alarm […]

Working with External Resources

Companies of all sizes increasingly rely on contractors and temporary third-party resources to meet the demands of their businesses. This can be an effective way to augment the skills on your teams while maintaining more flexibility than hiring full-time employees. However, working with external resources can bring additional risks and require a different management approach. […]

Getting Your Old Equipment Ready to Sell

When planning upgrades to your network, remember the old adage: One person’s trash is another one’s treasure. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to pad the IT budget by assuming that your equipment is obsolete. Even if your business has outgrown its old networking equipment, there’s a good chance that it still has resale value. […]

Growing Up Together – Choosing Vendors You Can Count On

When you think about the vendors your IT team works with, what comes to mind? Do you think positive thoughts about trusted partners who saved the day? Or do memories of frustrations and let-downs come up instead? Whether for products, services, or both, every IT organization relies on vendors to meet their tech needs. Choosing […]