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The High Cost of Low-Quality Service

Most of us have experienced poor service from a vendor at some point. Low-quality service is frustrating to say the least. In addition to that, it often carries hidden costs for the company on the receiving end. If your IT team has been dealing with low-quality service from your tech support provider or other vendors, […]

Preparing Your IT Infrastructure for a Natural Disaster

As Summit’s thoughts go out to the people of Houston dealing with destruction caused by tropical storm Harvey, we thought now would be a good time to remind our readers about some best practices for preparing your IT infrastructure for a natural disaster. Regardless of whether you are protecting your infrastructure from floods, storm damage, […]

We’re Going to E-Scrap!

Summit is excited to announce that we will be attending this year’s E-Scrap conference in the sunshine state from September 18-20. The conference, which is entering its 15th year, will feature an energetic exhibit space, presentations, sessions and Q&As with some of the industry’s best and brightest. All photo credit: What will we be […]

Summit Meets Nonprofit for Coffee and Hope

This Wednesday morning was a special one at Summit. Common Hope came into our office with coffee and doughnuts (mmm…) to share how they’ve been empowering families for 30 years. Common Hope is a nonprofit that partners with impoverished children, families and communities to provide educational, health care and housing opportunities. Their goal is to […]

VLANs: Types and Benefits

Virtual (or software-configured) local area networks can make network management simpler for you and improve the experience for your end users. If you’re new to setting up VLANs, you’ll want to start by getting an understanding of the different types you’ll need to create and some of the benefits it can have to your business. […]

Selecting a Server Monitoring Solution

Server monitoring is critical to maintaining uptime on your network. Staying on top of key stats like your servers’ response time, hardware, temperature, power usage, memory, and disk space lets you predict and remediate problems before they happen. You have a choice as to whether you run software directly on your servers or contract with […]

The Need for Speed: Transitioning to 10 Gigabit Ethernet

The need for speed is growing rapidly in businesses of all sizes. More data, graphics, and video usage are combining with high performance expectations across departments. A network that isn’t keeping up can mean that the business isn’t keeping up with customers or competitors. Your company may be getting by on Gigabit Ethernet speed for […]

Tips For Staying On Top Of Licensing and Support

Network security is among the hottest of hot button issue these days. And while you might be preoccupied with the news of today’s latest high-profile data breach or what your company needs to do to secure its network as it grows, what many organizations seem to forget is that the network devices themselves and the […]

Summit’s Day Off: Lawn Bowling-Style

Summit’s 7th annual lawn bowling tournament was a day full of (friendly?) competition, laughter and tears. OK, maybe not tears. We’re not that dramatic. The tournament, held at the gorgeous rooftop of Brit’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis, featured a round robin with eight teams, all of which boasted iconic names like B-Money Train, Same Hair […]

You Deserve Better Tech Support: Announcing Summit Global Care

After hearing our customers complain about the high cost and frustrating wait times of their OEM technical support contracts, Summit knew we could do better. That’s why today, we’re announcing the launch of Summit Global Care (SGC). SGC is a tech support program that gives you the same great level of service on your servers, […]