Count on our Peak Select Lifetime Warranty

You save two ways when you buy from Summit. First, you save on the initial cost of new and refurbished Cisco equipment. Next, you save over the life of your Cisco purchase as our Peak Select Lifetime Warranty is included on the vast majority of Cisco products, both new and refurbished. The Peak Select Lifetime Warranty covers the cost of repairs and two-way ground shipping, as well as advance replacement units to get your network up and running as quickly as possible. It is one of the best warranties in the business for both new and pre-owned equipment. 

Here’s what Summit’s Peak Select Lifetime Warranty includes:

  • Our Guarantee that Peak Select qualified new and pre-owned Cisco products arrive in operational condition right out of the box.
  • Free advanced replacements to keep you up and running. If we cannot find an advance replacement or repair your equipment, we will send a comparable model.
  • Free repairs for the life of the product for all failures that occur during normal use and service.
  • Free two-way ground shipping when you use our carriers.

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