For the last 25 years Summit has built the perfect team to serve our customers

Meet our team of customer champions. At Summit, we’re brought together by a passion for solving networking problems but also delighting our customers. We’re dedicated to providing a personal and specialized customer service while maintaining our commitment to finding the best possible networking solution no matter what.

We’re a dedicated IT partner that treats your problems like our problems. Put your most challenging networking issues in our hands and we will respond with solutions that meet your needs and budget.

Leadership Team

Dick Noble


Michele Embacher


Dan Olson

Director of Sales & Marketing

Paul Hultman

Broker/Dealer Sales & Purchasing

Cami Karnowski


Brian Moran

Operations Manager

Team Members

Kelly Bach

Sales Administrator & Logistics Coordinator

Mike Daugherty

Account Executive

Bryanna Erickson

Account Executive

Shannon Fogel

Accounting Assistant

Jordan Gagne

Warehouse Lead

Dustin Hartenstein

Sales Development Rep

Grace Hardell

Sales Manager

Jim Herbst

Account Executive

Devetta Hollister

Accounting Assistant

Marc Johnson

Account Executive

Kraig Kempton


Sarah Limon

Sales Development Representative

Chris Lykken

Dell/HP/IBM Broker Sales & Purchasing

Ismael Lopez

Warehouse Associate

Brad Park

Account Executive

Kristy Phillippi

Sales Administrator

Karen Reller

Senior Accountant

Mary Ries

HR Specialist

Shawn Standing

Warehouse Associate

Pete Steensgard

Account Executive

Jake Svare

Account Manager

Nick Taschner

Sales Assistant

Chue Thao

Senior Cisco Technician (CCNA)

Zang Thao

Cisco Technician (CCNA)

Joey Vang

Warehouse Associate

Michaela Wagner

Account Executive

Bryce Wasmund

Account Manager

Jeff White

Warehouse Associate

Dan Williams

Account Manager

Sarah Williams

Account Executive

Cheng Xiong

Cisco Technician (CCNA)

Paul Zappa

Computer Hardware Technician