All good things come to an end, and this is especially true of your IT hardware. It’s best to treat the decommissioning of this equipment as an ongoing process and approach it with as much planning as possible. At the End of Life (EOL) stage, the manufacturer no longer sells, updates or supports the hardware. Then, the question becomes how you decommission older equipment and safely remove it to be destroyed or recycled.

Disposing your IT equipment is complex. In fact, it can take more time to decommission it than deploying it– if you are doing it correctly. It requires the same inter-departmental communication as it did when you were purchasing it and deploying it.

Important points to remember:

  1. Ensure successful migration of all data to another platform. Incorporate security protocols to ensure that all confidential company data is removed and remains protected, even long after your IT equipment has left your company’s premises. Basically, assets must be scrubbed.
  2. Just as important as data security is disposing of the hardware in an environmentally safe fashion. You might decide to do this yourself, or use a third party vendor. In either scenario, disposal must follow the specific protocols of environmental legislation.
  3. You can also manage the lifecycle of your hardware in a more cost-effective, holistic way by recycling it. Understanding the maintenance and the lifecycle of your IT equipment will allow you to trade it in before its obsolescence.

At Summit, we buy and sell a wide variety of used products such as networking equipment, storage devices and servers. We pick up your surplus or off-lease hardware and bring it to our facility. After we audit and test it, we send you a detailed inventory report. Then we will send you a check or credit your account for future purposes. If you want to consign, the equipment will be re-marketed for top dollar.

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